Programmable Card Key Door Lock

Programmable Card Key Door LocksAnother exceptional lock for most industries is the door lock with the programmable key cards.  Also known as “prox card”.  These are grade one locks and offer the type of longevity that high traffic areas demand.  These grade one keypad locks with prox are tested at United Laboratories to ensure they meet the highest security standards.  Now that the quality and durability of these locks has been established, I would like to talk about some of the advantages of it’s key features.  For instance, if you have a area that you need to allow certain staff into and keep certain staff out.  We call this access control.  The  keypad with prox provides a high degree of access control.  Just like the keypad only lock, you can add users and provide those users with a specific PIN to gain access to the controlled area.  However they will have to enter a code and swipe their card to gain access to the controlled area.  You can also just as easily delete any users from the system as needed. This extra security feature prevents a unauthorized user from obtaining a code to gain access because they would also need the card as well.  It’s the same for a lost prox card.  A unauthorized user could obtain a card but, would still need a code to gain access.  You can also control the time of day certain codes or cards will allow access.   For instance, if you have a employee that would only require access from 8am to 4pm, you could program the lock to only allow access to that employee for that time slot.  You can also program  the lock and cards with expiring codes.  The expiring codes are perfect for a contractor who will be performing maintenance in the controlled area.  For instance, a contractor will need access to the controlled area for 3 days.  His temporary code and card will no longer operate the lock after 3 days.  New cards can be obtained and programed easily as needed by management.

Certain models of keypad locks can be linked to a computer or mobile device so that a record or “audit trail” can be viewed by management.  This key feature allows management to see who is coming and going from a controlled area, how long they remained in the area and if they were there during a restricted time.  The audit trail will also show when a deleted or expired code/card is used to attempt to gain access to the controlled area.  Some of these keypad locks can be used in tandem with a camera.  This feature is part of the audit trail.  For instance, if a unauthorized user obtains a code/card and gains access to the controlled area, a picture of that person will be stored.  When the audit trail is reviewed, management will see that a unauthorized user gained access to the controlled area and take the appropriate action.

The keypad locks are electronic and have a keyway bypass in the event of a power failure.  Management staff can be trained to program the locks or a locksmith can provide service.  There are a variety of manufactures to choose from as well. Call Ben Moss at Agent Locksmith in Mesa Arizona at 480-200-9887 for a complete list of manufactures, pricing, and the best recommendation for your industry.