Types of Commercial Door Locks

Types of Commercial Door LocksBefore choosing locks for your commercial doors, you should know your digital or electronic door lock options.  Here are three options: keyless door locks with coded push button keypads, biometric fingerprint locks or programmable card key readers; and benefits for each all of these access control systems.

Coded Push Button Keypads: Push button keypad locks provide the user the ability to control and track traffic in and out of sensitive areas.   Look for models that have the ability to provide a audit trail that can be stored and reviewed at a later time.  All Triology keypad models have a secure key bypass in the event of a power failure.  >>click here for more info

Biometric Fingerprint Locks: Biometric locks (with a fingerprint reader) eliminates the risk of replication or unauthorized use into your business.  Look for a fingerprint reader with multiple point settings.  A 170BIO fingerprint reader model by MarksUSA reads 80 points of your finger as your credentials for access. This setting can be changed using the software to 30 points, helping users who have hard to read fingers gain access. The reader has live fingerprint detection. The reader will read the small amount of static electricity to determine a fake fingerprint.  >>click here for more info

Programmable Card Key Readers: Card key readers provides an extra level of security you might want for your commercial hardware needs.  This type of lock makes it impossible for a unwanted user to obtain a user card and still gain access.  The user needs both the PIN number and Card to gain access to a restricted area.  Some model even offer a full line of stylish keypad locks that come in various designs and colors, like Schlage.  >>click here for more info

Sometimes, making the choice of which type of commercial door lock is easy but finding a reliable locksmith for a fair price of the door lock and installation is difficult.  Look for a bonded/insured commercial locksmith that is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America.  Beware of the locksmith websites with 1-800 numbers and dispatch employees that usually do not guarantee the same rate in-person as they did over-the-phone.  We recommend Ben Moss at Agent Locksmith, 14 years with the law enforcement in Prescott and now resident of Mesa Arizona.